What is SORT?

SORT stands for Special Operations Rescue Team. The Thurston County SORT team is a special rescue team available to any public safety agency within Thurston County on a mutual aid basis and within the region. The team is comprised of thirty-five highly training personnel and a substantial equipment cache. The team currently meets a USAR Type III team typing and has plans to meet a USAR Type II typing.


What are the SORT teams capabilities?

The SORT team is currently trained and has an equipment cache available for Structural Collapse Rescue, Rope Rescue, Tree Rescue, Trench Rescue and Confined Space incidents. The team will expand its capabilities in 2010 to add Trench Rescue. The team maintains Operations, Technician, and Specialist level personnel.


What if I have a Special Rescue situation within my area that the SORT team would be warranted?

If you have a rescue situation that you could use the SORT teams specially trained personnel and equipment cache, you can request the SORT team through CapCom.

What will I get if I request the SORT team?

After contacting TCom, they will dispatch SORT 91 and SORT on-duty personnel to your location with personnel who can provide an initial assessment and work with the on-scene IC to determine what the situation is and how best to mitigate that situation. If additional off-duty personnel are required, the SORT rescue leader on-scene will dispatch the full team via the WARN system.

Who is in charge of the SORT team and who do I contact for more information?

The SORT team will be directed by the SORT Operations committee and Policy board. Currently the team coordinator is Captain Casey Sobol at McLane/Black Lake Fire Department. He can be reached at 360-239-3043.





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