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Clandestine Lab Chem Hazard Sheet
IAFC Officer Development Handbook
ARTICLE: Following Orders (Lt. McCormack)









STICO - .PPT Files  (79mb)

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STICO - Diagrams

STICO - Boilerplates & Titles

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STICO Handouts

    STICO - Unit 1


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STICO - Unit 1
STICO - Unit 2 (7mb)

STICO - Unit 3 (58mb)

STICO - Unit 4 (108mb)
STICO - Unit 5 (86mb)


Lesson Plans


(Strategies & Tactics for Initial Company STICO - Handouts


FF Support Foundation

The Firefighters Support Foundation provides new and advanced skills instruction FREE to firefighters and rescue personnel across the country.

We work with leading experts in these fields, and produce our own training material, which is distributed widely to the firefighting and rescue professional community, free of charge.

Our vital efforts help disseminate new tactics, techniques and safety information and help spread the wisdom of experienced professionals to rescue personnel across the country. FSF’s programs are designed to enhance professional performance and citizen safety through training in new subjects, leading-edge techniques, and modern approaches.

Training Programs Programs address major subjects and would typically take several hours to present thoroughly. Available either in PowerPoint or video format, or both.


Training Briefs

Briefs are shorter programs addressing topics of interest that can usually be presented in under an hour. They are typically in written format such as PowerPoint.


Training Tips

Tips are 3- to 5-minute videos.


Recommended Resources 


Company & Chief Officers: Working Together 

Video clip by the San Bernardino City Fire Department that was used as a part of a department wide training program to develop a better working relationship between Company & Chief Officers. It is really important for Chief Officers to never forget where they came from and to be reminded of the difficulties that companies are faced with out on the fire ground. It is equally as important for the Company Officers to have an understanding of what goes on "Inside the Command Post. The goal of the training was to develop that much needed communication and common philosophy out on the fireground and throughout the entire fire department.


Fire SUV





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